Say 'Pants' to Poverty!

In lieu of buying a Secret Santa gift in 2015, the Midwifery team opted to each give a donation to the charity Smalls For All.

Smalls for All is a young charity launched in 2009, with a main focus of providing underwear to women and children in developing nations. By providing underwear for children it can improve their access to education, for example, imagine not being able to attend school because you have no underwear! For women it can reduce their risk of attacks and make them feel safer. Underwear is also provided for women with conditions such as fistulas or following a fistula repair operation.
More information on the Smalls of All charity is available here:-


Maria MacNamara, founder of the charity, informed the Midwifery team that the small donation of £100 would help to educate a girl in Kenya for 10 months.

The Midwifery team will further celebrate the work of the Smalls for All charity during International Day of the Midwife on May 5th 2016. Look out for collection points around the Campus for donations of new and nearly-new bras, new pants for women and children and of course money if you wish to donate.