Mentorship on the Learning Bus

Barbara O’Donnell and Hazel Kyle have taken the Mentorship: Professional Practice  module  to Lochgilphead via the UWS Learning Bus.

Mentorship: Professional Practice enables students to develop the necessary knowledge skills and competence to meet the requirements of a mentor in practice as defined by the NMC. Sometimes nurses and midwives who live in rural areas have difficulty accessing the module and so Barbara and Hazel have taken it to them.

Successful completion of the module enables the mentor to become a credible, effective and valued contributor to learning and assessment in practice, who through provision of guidance, support and assessment will become an effective facilitator of learning in a practice learning environment.

Mentor competence is developed both on campus, in this case the bus, and in a work-based setting by learning and adopting the principles of a recognised model of mentorship in practice thus creating a positive teaching, learning and assessment environment whilst promoting effective inter-professional relationships.