Experiential Learning at Midpark Hospital



NHS Dumfries and Galloway have joined forces with our Dumfries Campus colleagues to host an event to raise awareness of dementia and the challenges faced by people living with the condition. This event is part of a wide training programme sponsored by the Scottish Government to support health boards to implement Commitment 11 of Scotland’s Dementia Strategy – to ensure quality and excellence in specialist dementia care.

On Monday 15 February people have been invited to come along to the family room at Midpark Hospital Cafe and family room to learn about some of the changes in movement, thinking and senses that some people may develop during a dementia-causing illness.

Visitors will be able to wear special clothes, glasses and headsets that simulate the experiences people with dementia can have.  This will give participants an insight into the day to day challenges they can face. Border TV are also speaking to staff at Midpark Hospital today and our own Anna Waugh as you can see. Watch tonight’s news at 6.30pm to find out more.

Lorraine Haining, a specialist nurse practitioner and member of the award winning Interventions for Dementia: Education, Assessment and Support (IDEAS) team.  She said:  “Dementia is a complex condition and people can develop a number of sensory changes. They may also have physical symptoms due to illness or normal ageing. Understanding the range and complexity of experiences of dementia and providing appropriate support and reassurance can help people living with dementia feel safe.  We organised this event to raise awareness of dementia and the kind of common symptoms people experience.”

Anna Lecturer from the School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery Mental Health Team said:  “The impact of dementia is unique to each person and depends very much on the type of dementia they are dealing with, their life experiences and support networks they have. When the focus is on memory and orientation, other sensory and physical challenges can be missed.  This event is designed to encourage participants to apply their knowledge of physical health and sensory challenges when they are caring for a person with dementia.”

This initiative builds on the partnership between NHS Dumfries and Galloway and UWS which saw the development of Scotland’s National Dementia Champions.  Health boards and Council’s across Scotland now have their own National Dementia Champions who have all attended their study programmes hosted by our school.