Innovative midwifery project in Uganda.

Hilary Patrick, Senior Lecturer and Lead Midwife for Education (LME) at UWS, will be embarking on a 4 week trip to Uganda as part of the MOMENTUM project, funded by THET and led by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). This project will be tasked with developing a Model of Mentorship for Ugandan Midwifery with the focus on the clinical education and supervision of student midwives.  Currently, students have a structured theoretical training.  However, their clinical practice is not formally supervised and there is no educational focus or standards for this aspect of their learning.  The Ugandan Private (Independent) Midwives Association (UPMA) is leading for change to this aspect as they recognise that the clinical education and supervision of students is crucial for the future. They are also very concerned about undermining behaviours in the workforce and the negative impact this has on students.

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