School Staff Working with BBC Connected Studio Innovation Programme


Professor Debbie Tolson and Dr Barbara Sharp of the UWS Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice recently participated in a BBC Connected Studio event on 29 October 2015.BBC Connected Studio is the digital innovation initiative that partners with the digital industry as well as teams from across the BBC to help and support the creation of engaging online experiences. The workshop that the BBC Connected Studio recently ran, looked at how the BBC archive could be used to help stimulate memory for people with dementia .

During the Connected Studio workshop, small teams of BBC archive experts, technologists and storytellers partnered with dementia experts to develop ideas and start working towards tangible digital solutions that the BBC could prototype and test. Helping aid these explorations and inspire the participants were personas contributed by the Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice. These documents gave background information to people with dementia.

Audience participation is key to the Connected Studio process, and involved members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group, a charity run by and for people with dementia, in order to ensure the most beneficial ideas for the users. The ideas are now being reviewed.

If you want to know more about the Connected Studio and the other innovations being explored see: