School of Nursing Awards for Academic Year 2014-15

It’s the time of year when the School marks the end of the academic year 2014-15 by presenting awards to the best students’ of the year.

26/10/15County Buildings - AyrUWS Prize Giving

26/10/15 County Buildings – Ayr UWS Prize Giving

Congratulations are therefore due to all of the following students who have won prestigious Court Medals. These are awarded to the top performing student on each programme. The Court Medal Winners for 2014-15 were:

BSc Midwifery (SCQF Level 7)                                                                     Katherine Mackay

BSc Midwifery (SCQF Level 8)                                                                     Hayley Blackburn

BSc Midwifery (SCQF Level 9)                                                                     Emily Holsgrove

BSc Mental Health Nursing (SCQF Level 7)                                                 Seonaid Gallagher

BSc Mental Health Nursing  (SCQF Level 8)                                                Jocelyn F. Main

BSc Mental Health Nursing  (SCQF Level 9)                                                Melissa Mack

BSc Adult Nursing (SCQF Level 7)                                                               Aileen Cairns

BSc Adult Nursing (SCQF Level 8)                                                               Claire Paton

BSc Adult Nursing (SCQF Level 9)                                                              Mairi Coutts

BA Integrated Public Services (SCQF Level 8)                                             Victoria Cloney

BA Integrated Public Services (SCQF Level 9)                                             Angie-Leigh McPike

BSc Health Studies                                                                                       Jacqueline Dangor

Graduate Certificate Unscheduled Care                                                       Margaret Wilkison

Graduate Certificate Working with Older People                                          Rachel McAllister

Graduate Diploma Specialist Practitioner District Nurse                                Arlene Dillon

Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (Health Visitor)                          Susan Lambie

Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (Occupational Health)               Caroline Joy Patrick-McGrath

MSc Adult Nursing:                                                                                         Kathryn Taylor

MSc Mental Health Nursing                                                                            Kirsty Wright

MSc Midwifery with registration                                                                       Jessica Stamp

MSc Psychosocial Interventions                                                                      Ben Parkinson

Other prize winners included:

Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland Undergraduate Community Nursing Prize     Eilidh J. MacDonald

Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland Postgraduate Community Nursing Prize         David Stewart

The Jean Lochhead Campbell Student Award for Nursing Practice in the Community’ an award which is named after former Lanarkshire District Nurse, Jean Lochhead Campbell, is awarded to the students who demonstrate excellence and potential in making a difference to the ongoing care of patients and their families in the community. Annually four prizes are awarded; one at each of the University’s campuses. This year the awards went to the following students:

Jean Lochhead Campbell Award (Paisley Campus)                                                           Paige Hughes

Jean Lochhead Campbell Award (Ayr Campus)                                                                 Janine Wilson

Jean Lochhead Campbell Award (Hamilton Campus)                                                       Rachel O’Hanlon

Jean Lochhead Campbell Award (Dumfries Campus)                                                       Wendy Maxwell

The Amunsden Trophy which is Trophy awarded across the University to one student for their “personal endeavour and achievement” went to Miriam Beck.

The Amundsen award is given to the student who has overcome significant adversity during their studies and has managed to successfully continue with their programme, so our wholehearted support and congratulations goes to Miriam who has had to deal with significant personal challenges across the year. We hope that her achievement can now inspire others.