Performance Management Annual Review for 2015 Now Published


The pre-registration programmes (Adult Nursing, Mental Health Nursing and Midwifery) are commissioned by the Scottish Government Health Directorates. Quality assurance of the nursing and midwifery programmes is conducted on an annual basis by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and their report has now been published.

As in previous years, the School was commended for the excellent quality of reporting and the range of enhancement and good practice features that the pre-registration programmes contain. The profile of key strategic healthcare drivers, notably the “Promoting Excellence Framework” (Dementia Management) and the integration of health & social care in the curricula were considered particularly innovative.

The review noted the robust approach to recruitment & admissions, our strong partnerships, our commitment to practice learning and the research and evidence base that supports our provision.  In addition the mandatory professional requirements of the pre-registration programme were in alignment with the University Corporate Strategy and the University’s Key Performance Indicators. Ultimately the fitness to practice and employability of completing nursing and midwifery students from this school was recognised by the reviewers.

The areas of concern the NHS Education  for Scotland reviwers had were our continued over-recruitment which the school intends exploring further with the Scottish Governemnt and the Scottish Funding Council. Their other concern centre upon our comparatively poor completion rates, which although improving remain an issue that the school is dealing with..

The School is delighted with the outcome of the annual quality review and is committed to ongoing and continuous enhancement of the pre-registration programmes. We will triangulate this information with the other data collected to assist in improving the student experience and will incorporate this when designing our new curriculum.