Pre-Registration Midwifery News

In collaboration with all our NHS Partners, Tom McEwan is taking forward plans to introduce ‘Examination of the Newborn’ into the Pre-registration Midwifery curriculum. UWS will be the only University in Scotland offering this skill set. The project is in response to clinical demand to increase employability for students.

Sheona Brown, our new lecturer has commenced the UWS Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

Welcome to also to our 70 new Midwifery students for this academic year 53 have joined the BSc Programme and a further 17 have joined the MSc Programme. In addition, there is 1 International student from Canada – this will be the 3rd Canadian student we have had on the programme with all of them returning to Canada to take midwifery practice forward, particularly in relation to supporting normality.

Lastly, the Lead Midwife for Education –  Hilary Patrick – has been asked to join a Scottish Government ‘Transitioning Supervision of Midwives Taskforce’ to develop a model for Scotland. This short life task force will work on the new supervision model for approximately one year.