Maternal, Child and Family Health Staff Updates.

Professor Ruth Deery is now based at Hamilton campus, where she will be more involved in research for the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Practice (IHPP). The Institute focusses on research excellence and our demonstrable research strengths.

On 21st April 2015, LME Hilary Patrick presented to the UK RCM Conference in London as part of their annual conference. Debated the topic of the theory-practice gap, its origins, effects and solutions.

In April 2015, Dr Jean Rankin successfully achieved a personal professorship which reflects her outstanding teaching and learning and research contribution to the subject discipline. Jean continues to take a number of high profile research projects.

On 18th June 2015, MCFH held a very successful and enjoyable ‘Away Day’ in Ayr Campus. Facilitated by POD, the day focussed on enhancing communication within the group with an aim to further cohese the group to take the UWS and School agendas forward. A pot-luck lunch and impromptu singing from the midwifery team added to the enjoyment.