School Staff will Play a Key Role at a European Dementia Conference

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The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice, a joint partnership between UWS and Alzheimer Scotland, which is based at the University’s Hamilton Campus is playing a key role in an international conference being held later this week in Prague. the conference ‘Understanding Best Practice: Advanced Dementia Care’ is being held in Prague on 17 and 18 of July 2015.
The conference will showcase the work of the European partners of Palliare, an Erasmus+ funded project which is in the process of creating a range of learning resources to equip the qualified workforce across Europe in extended palliative dementia care. UWS is leading this new dementia partnership that extends across Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe with partners from the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Slovenia.

Led by Professor Debbie Tolson of UWS, in collaboration with Alzheimer Europe and other affiliated Alzheimer organisations in Europe, a team from the School of Nursing Midwifery and Health will collaborate in the development of a Best Practice Statement on advanced dementia care;  which will embrace the values and preferences of people with dementia and their families.

Professor Tolson, Director of Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice, said: “This consensus conference is taking place at a crucial yet timely stage in the project as we progress with a comparative analysis of national dementia plans, educational gap analysis and production of European case studies. It sees us move towards the development of a framework for experiential learning and an online Community of Practice, all of which will inform the development of online interprofessional modules in advanced dementia.”

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