Staff Appreciation & Recognition Scheme (STARS) 2015


Thanks to everyone who nominated one of our staff colleagues for a STARS Award in the 5th UWS Staff Appreciation & Recognition Awards! Across the University over 200 nominations were received from students and colleagues. Well done to all those who were nominated – receiving a nomination is a fantastic achievement in itself.

There are 6 categories and in the final shortlist for ‘Outstanding Service to Students’ Heather Nesbitt Lecturer at the Hamilton Campus has made the final three.

In the ‘Outstanding Leadership’ category Shirley Turberville (Campus Director/Senior Lecturer) Dumfries has also made the final three.(Shirley was also nominated separately in the ‘Outstanding Service to Colleagues’ category).

Congratulations on receiving individual nominations are also due to:

Charlotte Fairley, Skills Lab Facilitator at Paisley, Rosemary Mullen; Cate O’Kane, Marissa Stevenson, Brian Johnston and Vicky Wilson all lecturers at Paisley. Tony Wales, Winnie McGarry and Steven Morrison all lecturers at Hamilton. Stuart Telfer Lecturer, and Vivien Hamilton SAAS Administrator at Ayr and finally Julie Orr at Dumfries

Congratulations on receiving collective nominations are also due to the following teams of lecturers:

Di Douglas, Hazel McWhinnie, Gillian McTaggart, Meghan Bateson, Vivianne Crispin, Margaret Rooney and Angela Quigley; all at Hamilton. Helen Rainey, Elaine Gifford and Brian Johnston all at Paisley. Julie Orr, Amanda Carson and Maureen Crowley all at Dumfries and Nan Bryden and Pauline Robb at Ayr.

A talented crowd and hopefully more to come next year!